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Don't get caught unprotected!

Is your X window system protected from prying clients? Someone could be running a client on your server without you even being aware of it. But not if you have SafeX. SafeX allows you to control explicitly which applications have access to your X server. SafeX has numerous features to help enhance your X server security.

The most basic access control that SafeX provides is the ability to make you aware of every client that connects to your X server. 99% of the time you know whether or not a client should be connecting to your server. With SafeX you have complete control over whether new connections are accepted or rejected, and this control is above and beyond whatever access mechanism you are currently using. With SafeX you can even use "xhost +" and remain secure.

With normal X security mechanisms once a client obtains access to your server it can do anything (essentially every client is the equivalent of super-user). However, with SafeX you can control the behavior of untrusted applications. Should that shareware program really be reading keyboard events from your terminal windows? With SafeX you can prevent this and more.